Already at the age of 9, Koons produced his first porcelain editions in the form of a swan, thus laying the foundation for the Balloon Swan. Already committed to perfectionism, the young artist worked on the piece for more than a year.

Decades later, Koons transformed his childhood memory into a seductively reflective edition that, thanks to its carefree motif, reminds of the ephemerality of all life’s joys, and which takes Koons world famous Celebration Series as its inspiration.

Work Information

Material: porcelain
Manufacturer: Bernardaud, Limoges

Year: 2019 / 2017

Edition: 999

Format: 25 x 20,5 x 16,0 cm

Signature: Signed and numbered

Immediate delivery

Following the legendary success of the in the meantime nearly completely sold out Balloon Dog collector’s edition, Jeff Koons will be issuing three new motifs this summer: Balloon Swan, Balloon Rabbit and Balloon Monkey.

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