Inspired by the motifs of two rocker heads, Koons presented an 11-metre high sculpture made of 50,000 flowers and plants in Avignon, France in 2000. A lively sculpture made of two toy heads, that of a pony and that of a dinosaur.

The Split-Rocker as a Cubist mythological creature that cites art history and at the same time radiates the childish-naive joy typical of Koons. In order that the harmonious dialogue between art and nature is also retained with the Split-Rocker Vase, the artist recommends filling the vase with a colourful bouquet of flowers.

Work Information

Material: porcelain
Manufacturer: Bernardaud, Limoges

Year: 2012

Edition: 3.500

Format: 36 x 40 x 33 cm

Signature: Signed and numbered

Immediate delivery