The artist skilfully transforms the familiar, childish motif of a monkey formed from a balloon into a sleek and weightless Celebration figure. In the process, Koons consciously makes reference to the allegorical meaning of the monkey with the wonderfully smooth, glossily polished surface of the Balloon Monkey: passion, sexuality and innocence united in a edition shaped exquisitely through perfect craftsmanship that cites the vocabulary of the iconic Celebration Series.

Work Information

Material: porcelain
Manufacturer: Bernardaud, Limoges

Year: 2019 / 2017

Edition: 999

Format: 25 x 40,5 x 21 cm

Signature: Signed and numbered

Immediate delivery

Following the legendary success of the in the meantime nearly completely sold out Balloon Dog collector’s edition, Jeff Koons will be issuing three new motifs this summer: Balloon Swan, Balloon Rabbit and Balloon Monkey.

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